Health and Safety statement

Blackhall Podiatry and Chiropody has a responsibility for the safety of both our patients and the team. We take this responsibility very seriously and follow strict guidelines from our governing bodies; the Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists and The Health Professions Council. It may be helpful to explain some of our procedures further.

We adhere to a strict policy of cross-infection control. All instruments are either single-use or have been thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic waterbath prior to being sterilized using state of the art autoclaves. Where possible, we use disposable covers for all touched surfaces and of course use new gloves for each and every patient. In addition, we have antislip seamless floors, coved up at the wall for easier cleaning. As a team, we are continually reviewing and updating our policy the clinic has been upgraded and remodelled to create an separate instrument sterilisation room. You may have noticed your dentist also having recently upgraded their practice in a similar fashion. Best practise requires the cleaning and sterilising process be removed from the vicinity of patients. By doing so we have removed any potential risk to our patients from exposure to the aerosols created during the cleaning and sterilisation process. We exceed all the current regulations for infection control but we feel strongly that this is an area where only the best will do.

Continual Professional Development

All members of the Blackhall Podiatry and Chiropody team strive to update and improve their knowledge. Our Podiatrists are highly skilled practitioners both in general practice and in their area of special interest and are constantly updating their education. We regularly attend postgraduate courses and conferences to ensure the latest techniques are employed. In addition, continual refresher courses in aspects such as cross-infection control and first-aid are attended by all team members.

Klenze anti fungal treatment for shoes

Klenze's Nano Silver & Ozone technology is the most effective method to eradicate micro-organisms inside your shoes.Minimises the risk of infection and reduces odour, the process minimises the risk of infection and reduces odour.

Klenze uses a combination of nano silver and Ozone, both incredibly strong sterilising agents, to eradicate bacteria, fungi and other problem micro-organisms inside your shoes. Klenz uses no heat or liquid. Your shoes will not be damaged, It takes only 8 minutes.

Athletes Foot affects 1 in 7 adults. Footwear is the perfect environment to harbour fungal spores that cause the infection. Unlike treatments such as sprays, Klenze sanitises every square millimetre of your shoes, ensuring that the chance of re-infection is minimised.

Klenze has the added bonus of reducing odour by killing bacteria which is the cause of nasty smells.

Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Practice Accreditation Scheme

What does it mean?

For our practice to have been accredited by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists we have reviewed our practice standards to ensure that they comply with national standards and best practice within the profession.

In achieving accredited status, we not only undertook a careful review of the practice, and asked another podiatrist to check our findings, but we also agreed to the practice being inspected by independent inspectors appointed by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

We applied for practice accreditation because we feel that our clients have the right to be confident that their care is being provided within a safe environment. Not that the scheme is only concerned with the clinical environment, it also amongst other things, ensures that;

  • reusable instruments are properly cleaned and sterilised between patients;
  • staff engage in continuing professional development so as to keep their knowledge and skills up to date;
  • patient confidentiality is respected and proper care is taken with patient information;
  • we explain treatment options, where appropriate, and cost so that you can make an informed choice;
  • appropriate referral pathways exist for clients, who need specialist care; and
  • practice working methods are constantly reviewed.

We therefore feel that you can be confident in the care that you receive within this practice.

If you have a complaint

If you have reason to think that we are not doing what the practice accreditation scheme would expect, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and answer any questions that you may have.

If our explanations do not satisfy you, you can complain to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, at 1 Fellmongers Path, Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LY.

sterilisation and preparaton room