Fungal Infections in Nails and Skin

The common Athlete’s foot infection acquired in changing rooms and swimming pools is caused by an infection of fungi, usually dermatophytes, and on occasions yeast. The infection in the skin is prone to spreading to the nails causing them to become thickened and discoloured, the nail may turn yellow, brown, or black They become unsightly, difficult to cut and sometimes painful. Using our high speed spray drills our practitioners can reduce the bulk of the nail leaving it smooth, comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, we will discuss with you the different treatment options available for the eradication of the infection.

Ingrown Nails

Some people are prone to ingrown nails because of the inherent shape of the nail, suffering repeated episodes of pain, inflammation, and infection. However, nails can also become ingrown due to trauma caused by shoes, a sports injury or badly cut toenails. In most cases we can resolve the condition with conservative treatment, skilfully removing the spicule of nail which has penetrated the skin and providing follow up care to allow you to return to normal activity. If left untreated they can adversely impact on your daily activities and wellbeing. Where the problem is persistent, nail surgery may be the most appropriate treatment.

ingrowing toe nails