Doppler Ultra sound

Doppler Ultra sound is a non-invasive test that can be used to evaluate blood flow by bouncing high frequency sound waves (ultra sound) off red blood cells.

Doppler ultra sound may be used to help diagnose many conditions, however, within our practice it is predominantly used in the assessment of peripheral vascular disease in the lower limb.

The conditions include:

  • A blocked artery
  • Narrowing (stenosis) of an artery
  • Calcification of an artery wall

Our Doppler ultra sound unit is linked to a printer so that a hard copy of the waveform produced can be retained in your notes and can be referred to for comparison at a later date.


The use of acupuncture (insertion of very fine needles) in the foot and lower leg is used to alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis in knees ankles and toes. It is also used for pain relief in soft tissue injury e.g. ankle sprain, muscle spasms and non-specific pain associated with circulatory problems.